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  • Historic Preservation Awards

    Historic Preservation Awards

    The Preservation Virginia Awards Committee invites members of communities throughout the Commonwealth to nominate potential recipients for Virginia's Annual Preservation Awards. 

  • Revolving Fund Program

    Revolving Fund Program

    The Revolving Fund Program's goal is to save endangered historic properties across Virginia from demolition and severe neglect.

  • Tobacco Barn Preservation Project

    Tobacco Barn Preservation Project

    Tobacco Barn Preservation Project

  • Virginia’s Most Endangered Historic Places

    Virginia’s Most Endangered Historic Places

    Each Spring, Preservation Virginia presents an annual list of Most Endangered Historic Sites which includes buildings, archaeological sites, and landscapes across the Commonwealth.

  • Most Endangered: Nomination Form

    Most Endangered: Nomination Form

    Virginia's Most Endangered Historic Sites Program recognizes the Commonwealth's irreplaceable, architectural, natural, and archaeological sites that face imminent threat by demolition, alteration, inappropriate development, insufficient funding, or neglect.

  • Preservation Virginia Events

    Preservation Virginia Events

    Click here to see all that we have to offer and to register for our upcoming events! 

    Preservation Virginia Special Events


  • Annual Conference

    Annual Conference

    Preservation Virginia's 30th Annual Virginia Preservation Conference will take place in Richmond, October 18-20, 2015.

  • James River Transmission Lines

    James River Transmission Lines

    The proposed construction of four miles of transmission towers across a sensitive area of the James River is perhaps the most pressing threat to Virginia's historic resources

    The proposed construction of four miles transmission towers across a sensitive area of the James River is perhaps the most pressing threat to Virginia’s historic resources.
  • Partners in the Field

    Partners in the Field

    A collaborative grant program between the National Trust for Historic Preservation and state and local partners across the United States, including Preservation Virginia,

  • Preservation Partners

    Preservation Partners

    Preservation Virginia works hand-in-hand with and relies upon the expertise of like-minded organizations and groups across the state in order to ensure that Virginia is recognized regionally, nationally and internationally for preserving and promoting its distinctive historic structures, landscapes, collections, communities and archaeological sites.  In an effort to link and strengthen local preservation efforts across the Commonwealth, Preservation Virginia is assembling an ever-growing Preservation Partners resource. 

  • Teacher Resources

    Teacher Resources

    Preservation Virginia provides a variety of educational options, from hands on site experiences, summer camps and workshops, to formal SOL based lesson plans and outreaches.