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Bacon’s Castle Smokehouse Siding

Our PV Restoration Crew is in the beginning stages of prepping the 1820’s smokehouse siding at Bacon’s Castle for painting this spring. A large percentage of the early siding has splits, cracks and voids that need to be consolidated with various epoxy treatments to make it weathertight. This requires physical paint removal to visually assess the condition of the siding. Check back with us here on our blog to find out more as we do!

South façade


Mike scraping paint


Spencer removing some improperly applied epoxy repairs that are failing and not weathertight

As repairs continue, we are getting more photos from the field. Check out these marriage marks on the framing, as well as the high number of original siding boards.

Some of the repairs to the exterior of the smokehouse cannot be done with a little epoxy paste because either the damage is too severe or a part is missing. We had to epoxy in a dutchman to the upper portion of a siding piece that had been destroyed by wood borers. Photos below are of that repair.

The end of the southeast rakeboard had rotted and eroded away so we had to cut it back to good wood and epoxy in a new end piece. In both cases we used period siding that we salvaged from a fire damaged home in Prince George County called “Old Town” for the replacement pieces.

Check back in on this blog post, as work progresses we will continue to post updates right here!

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