First Landing Day at Cape Henry Lighthouse

Apr 26, 2022

10:00 am — 4:00 pm

On this day in 1607, English ships, Susan ConstantGodspeed, and Discovery, made their first landfall on the shores of North America. Naming the area Cape Henry after King James I’s son, the Virginia Company colonists planted a wooden cross to give thanks for their safe passage.

Visit Cape Henry Lighthouse, climb the tower, talk with our interpreters and take a walking tour to the Cape Henry Memorial National Park Site to view the memorial cross that stands in its place and to learn more from our historical interpreters about the start of English colonization in North America.

General Admission rates apply.

Base Access Requirements
NOTE: Visitors with an authorized government ID will be allowed to drive directly to Cape Henry Lighthouse.

  • Valid ID card for all visitors 16-years of age and older
  • Driver of vehicle must be able to produce valid vehicle registration and proof of insurance
  • Visitors can access the base as a pedestrian or on bicycle with a valid ID
  • Not allowed on base: Illegal drugs, alcohol, contraband and weapons
  • Possession of contraband will result in denial of access to the base
  • Visitors must be able to pass a background check
All guests are required to wear masks when inside the museum shop and lighthouse tower. Click to read the CDC Guidelines