Gunpowder Plot of 1775 and the Hanover Militia Muster

May 29, 2021

10:00 am — 5:00 pm

16120 Chiswell Ln
Beaverdam, VA 23015

Family friendly outdoor living history event.

Explore 18th century historic food-ways, fashion, music, encampment, drills, and the firings of muskets.

In April of 1775 Royal Governor Lord Dunmore stole a portion of the gunpowder supply of the colony of Virginia from the magazine at Williamsburg.

On May 2, Patrick Henry led 60 mounted volunteers, known as the “Hanover Independent Company,” to rally at Newcastle on the Pamunkey River and ride with him to demand the powder’s return or just compensation.

The remainder of the Hanover militia stood ready, under arms, training, and ready for the coming revolution.

Visit Scotchtown to see what a detachment of Hanover Militia could have looked like at the outbreak of the American Revolution.



  • Cooking will be ongoing throughout the day in the kitchen.

11am and 2pm.

  • “Shoulder Your Firelock”  Drill Demonstration – (Front Yard of the house)

12 noon and 3pm.

  • “The Sound of Discipline”  Music Demonstration (Steps of the house)


  • “What do I put in my Backpack?” (demonstration specifically for children)  (Camp)


  • “All Free Men 16 to 50 Years”   Militia Inspection and Dismissal  (Front Yard of the house)


$5 per person or $10 per carload, to be paid day-of onsite.