Joint Paranormal Investigation with Hanover Tavern & Transcend Paranormal

Aug 8, 2020

What lurks in the shadows of Patrick Henry’s Scotchtown and Hanover Tavern after dark? It’s time for you to find out for yourself.

Join Transcend Paranormal Investigators as they delve into the paranormal at two beautiful historic locations. They are pairing up with Preservation Virginia, Patrick Henry’s Scotchtown, and the Hanover Tavern to investigate Scotchtown and Hanover Tavern – all in one evening!

These locations are tied in history; from Patrick Henry’s family, the Shelton family, and more. Many of those who visited the grounds of Scotchtown were also visitors of the Hanover Tavern and surrounding buildings.

In addition to Scotchtown and the Hanover Tavern, we will also be exploring and investigating a number of other historical buildings on the properties.

Scotchtown Locations:

Scotchtown (Main House)
Kitchen House
Old Law Office

Hanover Tavern Locations:

Hanover Tavern
Old Stone Jail
Historic Courthouse

We have investigated all of these locations numerous times and have come away with proof of the paranormal on every visit. Guests of these locations often report eerie experiences of ghostly apparitions, smells, and noises that could never be explained.

Admission is $75.
All experience levels welcome.
All proceeds of this event directly and entirely benefit Scotchtown and Hanover Tavern.

Please note: 

  • You are welcome to bring your own equipment to investigate.
  • We will break into small groups at each site to investigate. Each group will be led by an investigator with equipment you may borrow for the investigation.
  • We may be outside for a portion of the investigation, so please dress accordingly. You may want to bring bug spray.
  • Light Snacks and refreshments will be provided.
  • We will begin the evening at Scotchtown and travel via personal vehicle(s) to Hanover Tavern during the evening.