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May is Preservation Month…

from Eric Litchford, Preservation Specialist/Project Manager

May is Preservation Month, and what better time is there to highlight what is currently happening at Bacon’s Caste? See each image below to get a better understanding of the work that is going on at this historic property!

Mason Schultz is removing a sash from our steam box. Preservationists utilize different strategies to remove finishes in ways that will do the least harm, and in this instance steam was chosen to mitigate the risk of damaging inscribed 18th-century glass panes.

Soil borings are being taken in order to understand the subsurface conditions around the Castle. This information will be used to design repairs to long-standing settlement issues.

Mike Adams is removing portions of a 19th-century window repair that has now failed. Damaged materials are always removed in a manner that retains the maximum amount of building fabric and respects successive generations of repairs and modifications.

Eric Litchford is examining the top of a 17th-century timber joint over the hall fireplace. Investigatory probes like this allow preservationists to understand how affected materials are interacting with each other and how to develop successful repairs.

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