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Francis Nicholson Wine Bottle

Francis Nicholson Wine Bottle

In July of 2004 Archaeologists at Historic Jamestowne uncovered a brick-lined cellar filled with 300-year-old intact glass wine bottles. One of the bottles bears a personal seal that may have belonged to a former Virginia governor. Visitors to Historic Jamestowne can see some of the wine bottles in the Voorhees Archaearium exhibit area. Ten onion-shaped glass bottles, made in England between 1680 and 1700, were found intact, clustered upright on the dirt floor near one wall of the 8 x 20 ft., rectangular cellar. Based on the other bottle fragments that were found, archaeologists estimate that there may have been as many as 30 wine bottles stored there. Beverly A. Straube, Preservatiion Virginia curator, said it is very rare to find intact containers at an archaeological site. "What's really neat about this is finding so many of them intact, and still in their original context," she said. "We're the first people to see these bottles in more than 300 years. It's like looking at a snapshot in time."


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