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Jamestown: The Buried Truth (DVD)

Jamestown: The Buried Truth (DVD)

May 1607. One hundred four men and boys conclude a five-month voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to the New World. Their mission is to find a route to the Orient, convert native peoples to Christianity, discover gold, and export raw and manufactured materials to England. Coming ashore on an island in a river they call the James, after their king, they construct a triangular fort for protection. Thus, the saga of Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in America, began.

This is about the rediscovery of America's birthplace. APVA Preservation Virginia archaeologists have located the long-lost remains of James Fort and its many buildings and trash pits. They have found thousands of objects that were used and then lost, or thrown away by the early colonists. They are uncovering The Buried Truth about where the United States was born.


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