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The Mint Julep: John Marshall Affirmed

Although the Kentucky Derby is postponed, don’t wait to enjoy one of Chief Justice John Marshall’s favorite drinks, the mint julep. Preservation Virginia’s curator of collections (and native Kentuckian) Lea Lane explores how this icy refresher made its way to Richmond and beyond, then shows how you can make one at home using a locally distilled rum. Yes, you read that right: rum.

Try out the recipe for yourself!

Ingredients (makes one serving):

5+ mint leaves (additional 1 sprig for garnish)
Pinch of granulated sugar

1.5 tablespoons simple syrup
1 oz rum
2 oz brandy
Crushed ice
2 oz water (optional)


1. Press the mint leaves against the inside of your glass with a spoon or muddler. Add a pinch of sugar to provide some helpful grit.

2. Add the simple syrup. Give it a good stir (optional: add 2 oz of water).

3. Fill the glass halfway with crushed ice.

4. Pour the rum and brandy over the ice.

5. Stir until the glass starts to frost over.

6. Add more ice and stir again.

7. Garnish with a mint sprig!


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