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Old Stone House

ca. 1754
1914 East Main Street, Richmond, VA 23223

Old Stone House

Reputedly the oldest residential dwelling in Richmond, this modest house is now surrounded by the Shockoe Valley commercial district. The house features a hall and parlor plan with unevenly spaced openings and dormered gable roofs. In 1783, the Old Stone House was home to a flour inspector named Samuel Ege, but modern tree-ring dating suggests that the house was built several decades earlier, around 1754.

Preservation Virginia acquired the Old Stone House  1911 which it has leased since 1921 to the Poe Foundation.  The building now forms part of the Edgar Allan Poe Museum, a private non-profit musuem which houses a collection  of items relating to the life and work of this famous American poet and story writer, who spent his youth in Richmond.

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The Old Stone House is the site of the Edgar Allan Poe Museum. Please visit their website for more information: