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Bacon's Castle

Special Events and Weddings at Bacon’s Castle

Special Events and Weddings at Bacon’s Castle

 Bacon’s Castle, built in 1665 is named for its occupation during the political uprising led by Nathanial Bacon, in 1676. It is a beautiful, rare example of Jacobean architecture. With 17th century English formal gardens, restored by the Garden Club of Virginia Bacon's Castle offers an immaculate view and is an ideal location for outdoor events, weddings and receptions.

Special event and wedding rentals start at $500, please call or email Bacon's Castle  757.357.5976 or at with questions or to set up a consultation, so we can help you talior your perfect event.


Our facility includes:

  •  Bacon’s Castle has sprawling acres in both the front and the back of the building to be used as rental space.

  • Garden space and turfed squares available to hold events and erect tents


  • Ample parking is available in the parking lot and in various parking fields located near to the house.
  • For weddings, there is an indoor dressing space available for the bride to get ready in.
  • Both walk-through and guided tours can be arranged for your guests
  • There are no kitchens and limited restrooms available for use at Bacon’s Castle so the renter will need to make arrangements for guests.


  • Rental includes at least three staff hosts for the event and an hour for self-guided tours of the historic home for your guests. Additional guided tours and extended self guided tours can be arranged.