Since 1889, Preservation Virginia has served as a statewide historic preservation leader, saving more than 400 historic places. Our six historic sites open to the public serve as catalysts for our efforts to protect and preserve historic places and communities in all regions of Virginia.


Through the generosity of our supporters, we teach, share and collaborate for the preservation and enhancement of Virginia’s communities through our various educational programs.


As an advocate for Virginia’s historic resources, we work closely with decision-makers to communicate the economic and cultural benefits of preservation and promote important preservation-related policies and programs.

Help Preserve Historic African American Schools

Preservation Virginia needs your help to survey historic African American/Rosenwald Schools built in Virginia.

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Since 1889, Preservation Virginia’s efforts have saved more than 400 unique historic places across Virginia, including our six historic sites open to the public.

You can make a difference for the historic places you love.

Join Preservation Virginia today and help make Virginia’s communities and historic places of memory stronger, more vital and economically sustainable through preservation, education and advocacy.

The Intriguing Stories Behind Virginia’s Most Historic Buildings

Every historic building in Virginia has a story contained within its walls. From small residential homes to great churches and castles, hidden narratives can always be found — if you know where to look. Here are the intriguing stories behind some of the oldest buildings in the Commonwealth. Jamestown Church  Current view of the rebuilt …