Strategic Vision 2021-2025


What does success look like in 5 years?

Increased influence, recognition and success as Virginia’s leader in preservation and saving historic places…

  • through ethical and strategic decision-making,
  • through ensuring financial sustainability,
  • through an expanding knowledge base and
  • through direct action and collaboration with a diverse range of partners and allies.


How do we achieve the objective?

Develop and promote model programs, policies and practices for Virginia’s historic places through the following actions and plans:

Expand our collaborative network of diverse supporters, advocates, donors, allies and partners.

Expand internal knowledge and cooperation across the entire organization by using Preservation Virginia’s full resources more effectively and efficiently.

Align programs and funding sources to strengthen the internal resources in staffing, capacity and branding.

Model best practices at our sites in community engagement, curation, interpretation, maintenance, rehabilitation, research, restoration and use.

Focus our professional preservation practice in advocacy, community engagement, education, guidance and technical assistance.

PVA conference

“More members of the community—political leaders, activists, stakeholders—need to know about the good things Preservation Virginia is fighting for and how they can help.”

— Dr. Brian P. Brown, Virginia Commonwealth University