Most Endangered Historic Places

Virginia’s long and rich history persists in a large number of historic sites that continue to survive the march of time. Many of these sites are vulnerable to neglect and deterioration due to insufficient funds, inappropriate development and/or insensitive public policy.

In an effort to advocate for these sites, we have presented our list of Virginia’s Most Endangered Historic Places for 14 consecutive years. After more than a decade, the list continues to raise awareness of Virginia’s historic sites, encouraging citizens, localities and organizations to continue to advocate for the protection and preservation of these places. It has featured buildings, archaeological sites and cultural landscapes across the state that face imminent or sustained threats to their integrity or survival.

This Historic Preservation Month nominators of previous Most Endangered Historic Places listings are sharing the successes and challenges they have faced on their journey to protect Virginia’s historic resources. Visit our blog or check back here all month long to hear their stories.

The Virginia’s Most Endangered Historic Places program will resume in a revised format in 2020. Over the course of 2019, nominations will be accepted but they will not be reviewed by the selection committee until the deadline for accepting nominations in March 2020.

Most Endangered Historic Places

Most Endangered Historic Places Updates

Advocating on behalf of Virginia’s historic places takes dedication, passion and the support of your community. This Historic Preservation Month, hear from previous Most Endangered Historic Places nominees about the current state of their listings and their continued efforts to preserve Virginia’s invaluable historic resources.

Warm Springs Bath Houses and Gibson Cottage

“We have learned that progress takes time and that not every ’cause’ is going to have a happy ending. After eight years of doing all we could to advocate for action to save the Bath Houses, the owner (the Omni Homestead) has finally put together its plan, hired architects and set a schedule for the proper historic restoration of the Pools buildings. That is the good news story.”

Read our Q&A with Phil Deemer, Executive Director of Preservation Bath.

Carr-Greer Farmhouse

“Inclusion on the list certainly provided a boost to our preservation efforts; based on the listing the local newspaper carried an article about the project, and we were invited to be interviewed on a local radio program.”

Read our Q&A with Steve Thompson of the Ivy Creek Foundation


Carr-Greer Farmhouse

Edith Bolling Wilson Birthplace Museum

“By being designated on the list of Most Endangered Historic Places, the Edith Bolling Wilson Birthplace Museum has benefited from increased visitation, increased publicity, increased support, and increased awareness of the needs of this historic site.”

Read our Q&A with Farron Smith, founder of the Edith Bolling Wilson Birthplace Museum.

Check back next week to hear from Ashland Theatre!

Edith Bolling Wilson Birthplace Museum

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